Asian Profile Volume 30 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 30 No.1 February, 2002
Title Author
China and the World in the Economic Globalizations: Historical and Comparative Perspectives Sun, Yi
The Japanese Recession and Korea Kim, Youn-Suk & Jung, Yong-Seung
Parametters of Malaysian Identity in the Novels of Lloyd Fernando and K.S. Maniam Wicks, Peter
Kashmir in Indo-Pakistani Relation: Mutual Claims to the State as Causes of the Conflict Indurthy, Rathnam
Level of Diffusion of Innovations and Its Correlation with Agricultural Productivity in Upper Ganga-Yamuna Doab Ahmad, Ateeque & Shamim, Syed Kausar
Practices of Enterprises of Bangladesh: An Evaluation Bhuiyan, Bashir Ahmed & Mamun, Muhammad Ziaulhaq
Volume 30 No.2 April, 2002
Title Author

The Cost of Marketization: Sate Workers' Reactions and Responses to Unemployment in Post-Reform China

Mok, Ka-Ho, Wong, Linda & Lee, Grace
The Liberalisation Policy and International Competitiveness: The Experiences of the Automobile Industry in Taiwan and Thailand Yoshimatsu, Hidetaka
Critical Business Environmental Issues Affecting the Sabah Wood-Based Industry Choy, Er Ah
When Baju Kurung Means Malay and Dark Skin Means Indian
The Primacy of Skin Colour and Clothing in Ethnic Identification and Interaction
Liu, Ong Puay, Tee, Ong Puay
Social and Cultural Aspects of Gender Inequality and Discriminations in India Singh, J.P.
Fifty Years of Indian Federalism: retrospect and Prospect Dikshit, R.D.
Volume 30 No.3 June, 2002
Title Author
Economic Reform and Political Changes: A Comparative Study of China and Mexico Li, He
Dark Horizons: Hector C. Bywater, the Japanese and the prophecy of War Libby, Justin H.
Micro-level Hydrogeological Studies in Parts of Central Ganga Basin - Aligarh City, U.P., India Khan, Tagveen Ali & Ahmad, Mohammad Sami
Technological change and Food Production sustainability in Bangladesh Agriculture Rahman, Sanzidur
Managing Human Capital Towards Knowledge-based Economy Ismail, Rahmah & Yussof, Ishak
Identification of Potential and Emerging Export Market for Australian Dairy Products Kidane, Hailu
Volume 30 No.4 August, 2002
Title Author
The Chinese at Work: Collectivism or Individualism? Wong, Edward Yui-Tim
The Japanese Management System in the Era of Globalization Chaker, Mohammad Naim
International Trade in Capital Goods: The Performance of East Asian Countries Islam, Sadequl
The Development of the Malaysian Industrial Relations System: An Overview Parasuraman, Balakrishnan
Social Cleavage Theory and the Indian Party System: A Case Study of Himachal Pradesh Singh, Sachinder
Modeling the Marketing Margin for Some Agricultural Products in Bangaladesh

Hussain, Mohammed Nur & Nahar, Bodrun

Volume 30 No.5 October, 2002
Title Author
China's Population Policy and Sesign Alternatives: using the market to Regulate China's Population Growth Wang, Jianguo, Lim, Puay Keng & Smyth, Russell
Relations of Civil Society and Social Unrest in Taiwan and South Korea Chun, Liu
Occupational Segregation by Gender in Malaysia, 1970-1991 Bakar, Noor Rahamah Abu
Purchasing Power Parity and Its Validity in the South Asian Countries Parida, Purna Chandra, Mathiyazhagan, K. and Nancharaiah, G
Unorganized Landless Labourers: A Case Study of Aligarh District, India Singh, Abha Lakshmi and Sajjad, Haroon
Selection of the Best Possible ARIMA Models for the Prices of Wheat and Wheat Flour in Bangladesh

Ali, M.Z., Hossain, M. Zakir and Samad, Q.A.

Volume 30 No.6 December, 2002
Title Author
Chinese Economic Statistics - Caveat Emptor! Wu, Friedrich
Learning Governments in Three Chinese Economies: An Evolutionary Perspective of Economic Management in Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Mainland Yu, Tony Fu-Lai
Conflict Management Preferences of Vietnamese Business Managers McKinney, Bruce C., Ta, Cau Ngoc & Kimsey, William D.
Determinants of Groundwater Depletion in Eastern Haryana - A Multivariate Analysis Jeet, Inder
Recrudescence of Violence in Assam, Northeast and Other States: Roots in Environmental Scarcity of Land in Bangladesh Gaan, Narottam
Myth of the "Model Minority": Stereotype and the Realty of Asian-American Gangs

Hall, Ronald E.