Asian Profile Volume 23 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 23 No.1 February, 1995
Title Author
Integration of the Socialist Market Economy & the World Market: Foreign Investment in the Pearl River Delta Chun, Yang & Sit, Victor Fung Shuen
Rubber or Fuelwood Trees? A Study of Household Forestry in Dai Society of Southwest China Henin, Bernard
Gunboat Diplomacy, Counter-revolution, & Manifest Destiny: A Century of Asian Preludes to the American War in Vietnam Lockard, Craig A.
Patterns of Riots in India Gill, M.S. & Deol, Gaganjot
Parliamentary By-Election in Bangladesh: The Study of Magura-2 Constituency Mashreque & Rashid, Mohammed Abdur
Proto-Industry in the Tamilnad Wright, H.R.C.
Volume 23 No.2 April, 1995
Title Author
The Government Budget Deficit in China's Economic Development and Reform since 1979 Zhang, Brina Z.
Education and Worker Productivity: Socio-Economic Factors of Japan Byun, Hyung-Yoon & Kim, Youn-Suk
Regional Economic Inequalities & Regional Development in Malaysia: A Case of Terengganu State Jusoh, Hamzah
Ethnic Nepali Threat to Bhutan's National Ahsan, Syed Aziz-Al
Economic Versus Non-economic Factors in the Adoption of Formal Agricultural Credit: Experience from the Farming Sector of Bangladesh Hossain, Shah M. Alamgir
The Impact of a Contemporary Avatara on an East Indian Community Sahadat, John
Volume 23 No.3 June, 1995
Title Author
City Size and Socioeconomic Development: China as a Case Study Xie, Yichun & Costa, Frank J.
A Study on Changes in Korea's Bilateral Trade Structure with Japan and the United States Jeong, Dong-Kuen
The Timing and Determinants of the Onset of Mass Education in Sri Lanka Dissanayake, Lakshman
Factors Affecting Immunization Among Children in a Rural Area of Bangladesh Majumder, Abul Kashem & Islam, S.M. Shafiqul & Bhuiya, Abbas Uddin
The 1994-1995 Budget: Implications for India's ''Look East'' Policy Asher, Mukul G.
Pakistan's Manpower Migration to the Middle East Ahsan, Muhammad
Volume 23 No.4 August, 1995
Title Author

Spatial Patterns of Sectoral Shifts in China

Wei, Yehua & Dutt, Ashok K.
Planning for Development - A Revisit of Japanese Economic Development Plan, 1945-1970 Cheung, Chi Kai
National Unity in Multi-ethnic Malaysia: A Polemic Tong, Cheu Hock
A Short-Term Macro Model for Bangladesh Economy Chowdhury, Khorshed
Role of Market Towns in the Delhi Metropolitan Region-a Case Study of Palwal ''Mandi'', Haryana, India Mishra, Smita & Routray, Jayant K.
Direct Broadcast Satillite in Asia and Advertising Opportunity for International Marketers Jun, Young-Woo & Kim, Hyun
Volume 23 No.5 October, 1995
Title Author
The Shareholding Cooperative System & Property Rights Reform of China's Collective Township-Village Enterprises Hong, Zhaohui
Analyses of Japanese Films in Wartime Washington Suzuki, Peter T.
Countertrade in Selected South East Asian Countries: Legal Issues Cho, George
Population Planning Strategies and Programmes in Sri Lanka De Silva, W. Indralal
The Leftists in Bangladesh Politics: Crisis and Sequences Khanam, Johora
Energy Resources of India: A Geographical Appraisal Singh, J.P.
Feminist Movement in Retrospect: Challenges before the Indian Feminists Kumar, Pradeep
Book Review Stuart, Kevin
Volume 23 No.6 December, 1995
Title Author
Taiwan, 1994: An Electoral Geography Selya, Roger Mark
Prospect for the Economic Reform in North Korea Ko, Haksoo
The Changing Order of ASEAN in the 1990s Ku, Samuel C.Y.
Gender Preferences & Practice of Contraceptives by Selected Socio-demographic Characteristics in a Rural Bangladesh Mohsin, M & Bhuiya, A., & Ahmed, S.M. & Chowdhury, A.M.R. & Khan, S.R.
Social Forestry in India: Widening the ''Gap'' Khan, Niaz A. & Hasan, Samiul
Swords into Ploughshares: Challenges for Regional Cooperation in South Asia Dash, Kishore C.
Book Review Chan, Anthony B.