Asian Profile Volume 19 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 19 No.1 February, 1991
Title Author
China's Higher Education Policy: Another Turning Point Handelman, John R.
The Composition and Direction of Korea's Foreign Trade Tai, Lawrence & Lee, Dominica S.Y.
Problem of Administrative Reforms in Bangladesh: Institutionalisation of Bureaucracy Obaidullah, A.T.M.
Locational Changes in Developing Countries: A Study of Small & Medium Scale Manufacturing Firms in Sri Lanka Dias, Sriyani
Economic Growth in East Asia and the Confucian Ethic Martellaro, Joseph
Book Review Fernandes, Nicholas
Volume 19 No.2 April, 1991
Title Author
Chinese Customary Law in the New Territories of Hong Kong: the Background to the Operation of the New Territories Ordinance, 1899-1987 Hayes, James
Trade Policy and Economic Growth of the Republic of Korea Kang, Cheul W.
Colonization, Expansion, & Successful Adaptation in Southeast Asia, New Guinea & Australia 40000-10000 B.P. Shutler, Richard Jr.
A Centralist Federal Government in Malaysia: Spatial Implications Cho, George
Gandhi the Advocate for Dharmacracy Sahadat, John
Social Forestry Perspective and Bangladesh Imam, Muhammad Hasan
Volume 19 No.3 June, 1991
Title Author
Self-Determination, Independence and the Process of Democratization in Taiwan Liu, Leo Y.
Normura Research Institute: Between Profit and Prestige Lie, John
Sabah Politics Today: The Birth of the Parti Rakyat Sabah Ongkili, James F.
India's Public Sector: What Should be the Role in the 1990s Iqbal, Badar Alam
Anglo-Egyptian Dispute and Pakistan Dar, Saeeduddin Ahmad
Regional Disparities in Literacy in India, 1981 Sagar, Prem
Forms & Functions of Female Space: Interrelationships with Women's Paid & Unpaid Work-A South Asian Paradigm Bagchi, Deipica
Book Review Huque, Ahmed Shafiqul
Volume 19 No.4 August, 1991
Title Author

Comparisons & Contrasts of the Legal Systems of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea & the People's Republic of China

Berkley, Gerald W.
Those Horrific IK: The Testing Point for a Still-Emerging Confucian Anthropology Gray, Wallace
Hinduism and the West Sharma, Arvind
Causes of the Afghan Revolution 1978 Akbar, Mansoor
Regional Imbalances in Agricultural Productivity in South Bihar Plain, India Thakur, Rameshwar
Political Culture of Pakistan: Disharmony between Democratic Creed & Autocratic Reality Shafqat, Saeed
Period-Cohort Fertility Differentials in Bangladesh Islam, S.M. Shafiqul
Book Review Jun, Hu & Stuart, Kevin
Volume 19 No.5 October, 1991
Title Author
The Sian Incident 1936: An International Perspective Tang, Jian
Confucianism and Democracy Tamney, Joseph B.
Revisited: Rural and Urban Difference in Japanese Electoral Politics Hayama, Akira
The Attitudes of Factory Workers in Malaysia Daud, Fatimah
India's Democracy: An Analysis of Continuity and Crisis Tamadonfar, Mehran & Sharma, Satish
The Comilla Cooperative Approach:Its Problems & Prospects for a Comprehensive Agrarian Development in Bangladesh Karim, A.H.M. Zehadul
The Indians are Coming! The Indians are Coming! The 'Terai', Spatiality & the Emergent Political Economy in Nepal Bhatta, Gambhir D.
How Did the British Colonial Policy Influenced the Contemporary System of Sri Lankan Education Gamage, D. Thenuwara
Volume 19 No.6 December, 1991
Title Author
The Road to Democracy: Taiwan Experience Lee, Kuo-Wei 1991 19/6 Japan and the Far East: Neomercantilism, Prosperity, and Dependence Nester, William
Korean War and South Korean Economy Kim, Youn-Suk
Singapore's Joust with Journalism Antolik, Michael
National Integration and Ethnicity in Balochistan, Pakistan Jahangir, Arbab M.
Emerging New Frontiers in Applied Geography-A Global Perspective with Reference to India Singh, S.P.
Effects of Selected Socio-Economic and Demographic Factors on Fertility: A Path Analysis Islam, S.M. Shafiqul & Khan, H.T. Abdullah
The Political Economy of Procedural Constraints: Malyasia's Regulatory Agencies & Industrial Legislation Leong, Ho Khai
Book Review McColl, R.W.