Asian Profile Volume 18 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 18 No.1 February, 1990
Title Author
Sino-ASEAN Prospective Relationship and Its Effects on US Ji, Guoxing
The Role of the Imperial Institution in Modern Japanese Politics: Imperial Loyalism as a Vehicle of Social Engineering Aoki, Michiko Y.
Integration of Population, Education & Manpower Policies in Thailand: The Case of the 15-19 Years Age Group Lertphongwathana, Kulthida
Intervention & Target-Nontarget Attitude Changes in Indian Villages Shanker, Prem
Rural Land Transformation Studies in Jaipur District (India) Using Satellite Data Saini, R.R.
Korea-US Trande Friction and the Japan Factor Kim, Youn-Suk
Book Review Malik, Ahmad Rashid
Volume 18 No.2 April, 1990
Title Author
Politics of Japan-China Trade Negotiations Zhao, John Quansheng
Citizen Aliens: Television and the Hong Kong Chinese as Sojourner Chan, Anthony B.
Women Left Behind: Wives of Seasonal Migrant Workers in Japan Kawahara, Yukiko
Enterprise Productivity in Sri Lanka:A Study of the Impact of Technology on the Productivity of Manufacturing Sector Dias, Sriyani
The Political Economy of Communalism in India Girdner, Eddie & Siddiqui, Kalim
Changing Social Stratification & Education Inequality in Rural Bangladesh: A Case Study of Two Selected Villages Ali, A.F. Imam
The Haiku Movements in Flanders & the Netherlands Where West Meets East Suzuki, Peter T.
Book Review Lim, Chee Keng
Volume 18 No.3 June, 1990
Title Author
Kelao Nationality in China: The Status Quo of Marital Fertility and Future Trends of Population Ming, Li & Bing, Peng
Sino-Indian Thaw: Rediscovering the Old Myth Kumar, Dhruba
Japan as the Number 1: Insights from a World-System Perspective So, Alvin Y.
Thailand and Cambodia: Between '''Trading Market'' and Civil War Van Der Kroef, Justus M.
The 1988 Allahabad Bye-Election to Parliament (India): Issues and Trends Srivastava, Pudra Prakash
Irrigation in Haryana: Potentials and Limitations Dhillon, S.S. & Dhaliwal, D.S.
Socio-Political Impact of Administrative Decentralization in Bangladesh Akhter, Muhammad Yeahia
Atchewpore Wright, H.R.C.
Book Review Lee, Wei-Chin
Volume 18 No.4 August, 1990
Title Author

When Policies Collide: Planned Family Change in China

Hong, Lawrence K.
An Analysis of Japanese Public Opinion Toward China: Impact, Changes and Trend Yu, Taifa
Maoist Military Doctrine in the Vietnam War Era Cheng, Peter P.C.
Ethnic Quotas in Malaysia: Affirmative Action or Indigenous Right? Liu, Ong Puay
The Southeast Asian Security Compex and Laos: Trends and Prospects Elhance, Arun P.& Kendrick, Richard
India at Cross Roads in 1989 Tummala, Krishna K.
Flood Hazards in Bangladesh: Nature, Causes and Control Rob, Abdur
Book Review Malik, Ahmad Rashid
Volume 18 No.5 October, 1990
Title Author
Changes in China's Rice Area: 1966-1985 Lu, Jonathan J. & Ma, Shengtang
Work-Related Values & Attitudes: A Study of Japanese Manufacturing Workers Kumara, Upali Ananda
The Reactions of Teenage Prostitutes towards Their Detention in Rehabilitation Centres in Malaysia Zakaria, Abd. Hadi
Some Scarcity Characteristics of the Indian Society: A Study of Urban Indian Adolescents Krishnan, Lila
Regional Food Security in South Asia Khadka, Narayan
Book Review Taher, Mohamed
Volume 18 No.6 December, 1990
Title Author
Chinese Israelites: Their Migration and Assimilation Chen, David H.H.
Comprehensive Security in Northeast Asia Puckett, Robert H.
Myth and Realtity of Triangulations: A Study of American Withdrawal from Vietnam 1972-75 Chen, Min
Towards a Unified Korea: Problems and Prospective Kim, Young Jeh
Patterns of Rural Service Utilisation: An Example from Malaysia Rostam, Katiman
Cultivational Trend in Baluchistan Province of Pakistan; a Preliminary Overview of Important Factors & Their Relationship Arif, Syed M.
Book Review Iqbal, Badar Alam